May 2019

How to choose your swimmwear


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Summer is just there, you’ve checked your closet and you want to renew your swimwear.

But how to choose the one that best suits you?


Here you are 4 tips to find the bikini or swimsuit that best suits your body.


1.HEIGHT _ For small stature we recommend the one-piece swimsuit.

It will give the visual effect of continuity and you will gain a few centimeters.

If the height is not a problem, the two pieces is the best option.

Choose the print you prefer: monochrome, floral, sailor …



2.HIP_ If the hip is wide, highlight the top part, so you give prominence to other attributes.

Choose knotted panties will help you to adjust the size with the top of the bikini, also choose between the smooth is dark shades with shape up if you prefer.


3.CHEST_ Sizes greater than 95 see in comfort their best ally.

Wide straps, tops and swimsuits with rim are the most successful. Dark tones will be a safe bet, which can go between prints with small drawing or plain colors.

A passion for sports? Designs with halter neckline will provide you maximum confidence.


To enhance the chest ideally, bandeau or hoop models. Thanks to the Push-Up and Double Push-Up patterns the result will be infallible.

4.WAIST_ If on the other hand you want to get the most out of your waist bets by bikinis with volume (ruffles, loops …) thus you provide a feeling of greater contour to the area.



The asymmetric cuts in swimsuits are really flattering.

The narrow waist shines with bikinis as well as with swimsuits, preferably avoiding excessive volumes.


¡Enter stores and find your selection for Summer 2019!

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