King Felipe V in 1707, ordered our city, Xàtiva, to be burned.
Since then we are known as Socarrats. Like the paella, yes.

We raised the city again and hung his portrait upside down
in the museum of Fine Arts in the city as sign of rebellion.

That’s why our most irreverent socks collection is named as us, Sockarrats.
Unique and expressive designs full of stories to tell and ready to live a thousand adventures with you.

Don’t resist.
Socks come to life to transport you a new dimension.
Perfect ergonomic fit and total adaptability.
Don’t try, you won’t be able to scape.

Games with neon effects, tijuana! Heading to Mexico,
pure psychedelia with full-color backgrounds or a universe
of delicious donuts in the pure foodie style.

Never underestimate the power of a sock.
Fabrics in comfortable cotton so nothing
will stop your desire to express yourself.

An experience only suitable for different people.
When you try them, your day to day will never be the same again.

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