December 2018

Best keept secret

Shapewear, Underwear

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Ysabel Mora’s Shapewear Collection

is an authentic proposal that fits perfectly on you.

Certainly, matters how and matters where.


Double slimming effect fabrics,

flat stomach effect, Push-Up in variety of garments.

Each of them offer an specific solution for women needs.

Its located panels perfile the curves in function of your desired effect.

Shaper panties that works the bottom and low stomach area, perfect for trousers and short dresses.

Also, tulle fabric in the back area, avoid marks offering the desired thong effect.

High waist shaping shorts, mold all medium area; thigh, hips, bottom and stomach.

Perfect for dresses, skirts and trousers.

Flat seams endings and silicone band avoid marks and offer total adaptability.

Movement freedom.

Body and Dress to mold curves in a total way.

Sculptural body with bra option if is desired.

Perfect for dresses and overalls for all events that appear this month of December.

Feel feminine and sensual.

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