cookies policy

Cookies policy


A “Cookie” is a little text file that a website saves in the user navigator, making easy the navigation through a website and are essentials for the Internet working.

Cookies are used to, for example, remember users tastes on the website: language, navigator; analyze user habits and behaviour to improve services offered, or to adapt website contents to user preferences.

Cookies can be catalogued in the next way:

Depending on the entity that manage them (Owner):

  • Own Cookies: Are those that are sent to your computer from our own computers or domains and from we provide the requested services.
  • Thirds Cookies: are those that are sent to your computer from a computer or domain that is not managed by us, is managed by other entity. For example, used by social media, or by external content as videos stored on Youtube.

Depending on the time frame that are activated (Duration):

  • Session Cookies: Are temporary cookies that stay in the cookies’ files of your navigator until you leave the website, that’s why any is registered in the local memory of your device. The obtained information through those cookies, serve to analyze website traffic. In long term, this allow us to provide a better experience to improve content and to make easy its use.
  • Persistent Cookies: Are stored in the local memory of your device and our website read them each time that you make a visit. A persistent web has a determining expiring date. The cookie won’t work after this date. These cookies are used to, generally, make easy the buying and register services.

Depending on its endings (Endings):

  • Technical Cookies: Are necessary for the navigation and the good functioning of our website. Allow for example, traffic control and data communication, access to restricted access parts, make order buying process, use security elements, store contents in order to spread videos or share contents through social media.
  • Personalization Cookies: Are those that allow to access to the service with a predefined characteristics in function of criterion, as for example language, kind of used navigator, regional setting from you’re accessing, etc.
  • Analysis Cookies: Are those that allow us to quantify users number and make the measurement and offered services users’ use statistical analysis. For this we analyze the navigation in our website with the purpose of improve the products offer and services.
  • Advertising Cookies: Are those that allow the management, in the most effective way, of the advertisement spaces that could include our website.
  • Behavioral Advertising Cookies: Those cookies store information relevant to users behaviour obtained through the continued observation. Thanks to them, we know navigations habits in internet and show you advertising relevant to your navigation profile.


Below cookies used in this website and its purposes and duration are detailed:

  • Own Cookies: Are stricly required. Allow the interaction of the user by the website using all its functions.
  • Analytical Cookies: Are cookies used for the analysis, investigation or statistical with the purpose of knowing the most visited sections, connexion points, etc and be able to improve the website.
  • Accessories Cookies: Are cookies used for external accessories installed in the website for the good functionality, as for example show the informative poster with the cookies use or the system used cookies by the customers’ service chat.
  • Social Media Cookies: Are cookies used to identify as social media user and be able to interact through your profile through the installed APIs.


Is important to highlight that those technologies are not intrusive, as all the obtained information through cookies is totally anonimous, and in any case can be associated to an identified user. This information allow to AIMSA GRUPO TEXTIL S.L. adapt and improve its services to the users interests. However, the user has the option to prevent the cookies generation, through selecting the corresponding option in his navigator program. AIMSA GRUPO TEXTIL S.L. inform that if you prevent the cookies use, the navigation can be slower as usual.

Concretely, all navigators allow making changes that allow deactivate the cookies settings. Those settings are in the navigation “options” or “preferences”.

Below we show you through links the way to deactivate cookies with instructions of the most used navigators:

Safari para IOS (iPhone y iPad):

Instead, if you desire to block the analytical Google cookies, you can instal a compliment in your navigator developed using the indicated instructions in the next link:

On the other hand, respecting on the compliments of the external entities (as for example Google Inc. Services) used in our website, we recommend all users that access to the privacy policy of each service provider to obtain higher information. Links are:

Google Inc.:



Any user that have any doubt about these technologies can send us questions through our email