August 2019



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Choosing the briefs that best suit you can become a puzzle.

High, low, hipster, thong panties … with so many options it is easy to get lost.

We leave you some tips that in addition to serving as a glossary of underwear will help you to choose the model that best suits your figure.

The classic HIGH-SHOT: They especially favor girls with wide thighs and buttocks. This model covers a lot but thanks to its high shot it lengthens the legs and defines the waist.



Classic LOW-SHOT or BIKINI: They are characterized by their low shot, which adjusts to the hip without accentuating it.

Bodies with hip and wide thighs can boast a silhouette with this model.



BRAZILIANThis model is perfect to insinuate but without really showing anything. Those women with little hip and small buttocks, make the most of them with the Brazilian cut. Recall that this model is the previous step to the thong, since its rear part is greatly reduced but without disappearing.



CULOTTE: The truth is… perfect for all types of bodies. Tall, short, with a lot or a little hip, wide or narrow thighs … They look great! They usually mark the ass, making it more round and jerky. That is why the culotte is perhaps the most universal, comfortable and best feeling panties.

Do not think about it and have them in as many designs as you want (sports, lingerie …).



THONG: Let’s be honest, with the thong there is no middle ground … yes or not. Even maybe you loved it and now you just hate them. Despite its detractors it is perfect to prevent seams from being marked when we wear tight clothing. What is really important with this model is getting the size right … that’s why if you’re in doubt, choose a larger size.



SHAPE-UP: We all like to look really well … especially now that autumn weddings are approaching. If you have a little belly and you are wide of hip you have to try a shape-up one. Refine the silhouette and provide a support such that, honestly, we should have them all. For models of higher waist, or that extend through the thigh we recommend having the silicone band to prevent wrinkling and uncomfortable.



Visit your nearest store and surely the decision would be easier.




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