April 2019



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Never is too early to start thinking about the vacation, beach days,

walks when the down and the marvelous nights under the summer moon.

Trousers and shorts, soft and light fabrics dresses, kaftans and jumpsuits…

it doesn’t matter which is your vacation destiny, we present the garments for a perfect summer.

Dresses are always a win, more ever if they are light and adjust to your figure and to what you need in every moment.

One piece and lines as straight as flattering, beachwear matching the bikini or swimsuit will round your outfit.



Dresses and jumpsuit will take the capacity of complete and eleve the perfect beach look.
Adjustable neckline opening, adjustable waist in order to choose as high as body fitting.

Styles change from total print to mono chromo, depending on your desires.
Probably you’ll like a total combo with your swimwear or, maybe, create a complimentary effect with the main print tone.
Comfort and style, this is the proposal of the kaftans.
Full of details and totally flattering.
Shirt inspo, buttoned and shirt collar,
we show a proposal that will fit to your body lines.
A style classic that this time is renewed thanks to the new qualities.
And if you just want to give a print touch to your outfit, pay attention to the trousers and shorts.
Lightness, with elastic or button, tab-tops and zip, the options are multiplied
when you are adjusting your style.
Doesn’t matter which is your style, your vacational destiny… there’s an option that fits to you.
Dresses, kaftans, jumpsuits, trousers and shorts…
Discover all the Ysabel Mora’s beachwear collection.

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